Anne Botha

Me in 10 Seconds

I work as a product manager.

I divide my time between drinking copious amounts of coffee, going rock climbing, XC mountain biking and attempting to learn piano improvisation.

Currently mulling over this, this and also this, while I plan my next rock climbing trip (Arco in Northern Italy is likely to be next).

Originally from South Africa. Now living in Calgary, Canada.


18+ years of experience in software development on medium to large projects with 500 to 10,000+ users. Well-versed in dealing with complex projects, both technically and politically. Heavily focused on product strategy and positioning, product planning and delivery.

Highly skilled in product operations. Excellent analytical, writing and communication skills. Matched with expertise in planning, risk management and building teams. Done with a distinct calmness under pressure and a dry sense of humour.


Product Management, Product Strategy, Market Research, Project Management, Analysis & Design, Planning & Delivery, User Research, Negotiation, Stakeholder Management, Recruitment, Leveraging Data, Onboarding & Training, Process Automation.


FinTech, Government, Robotics, Fulfillment, Higher Education, Sport, Telco, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Architecture, Commercial Real Estate, Advertising, Agriculture, eCommerce, Insurance, Market Research, Investment, Legal, Procurement, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Grant Management, Records Management, Digital Asset Management, Engineering and Wine.


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